Ceramic Kamado BBQ Grill Accessories

To enrich Grill function & BBQ skills.
Elevate grill experience with our wide range of accessories & get most out of Kamado BBQ Grills

Divide & conquer cooking system

This multifunction cooking system enables cooking different dishes simultaneously at different temperatures and on different height levels!
This system is a replacement for the traditional grill grate.
Thanks to the semicircle “shelves” you can organise your cooking surfaces in a different way – for direct and indirect baking.
The two-zone grill grates and multi-level structure provides a wide variety of cooking possibilities and makes the cooking much more simple. If you use this system, you will no longer need the heat deflector. Multifunction two-zone grilling system.

Kamado Grill Rotisserie

Rotisserie – Two in one electric rotating skewer used for grilling various food, e.g., shashliks, whole chicken, larger meat cuts. 

The skewer rotates using electricity and battery.

Revolutionize your charcoal grilling experience and transform your Kamado grill into a rotisserie-style grill with the rotisserie attachment. 

Constructed from durable, stainless steel, the spit rods and forks allow for pristine balance and steady rotation of up to 50-pounds of beef, pork or chicken resulting in meats that are smoky, juicy, and tender.

Cast Iron Grate

This cast iron grate will add a special flavour to your food. Thanks to the thick metal layer, the surface of the grate retains the heat after a steak or vegetables are placed on it. The food thus acquires beautiful grill marks and cooks faster.

Half Moon Cast Iron Grildle

This two-side cast iron baking surface is sure to make your food taste special.

Thanks to its thick metal layer, the surface retains heat longer after a steak or vegetables are placed on it.

On the smooth side of the surface, you can cook absolutely anything – from tiny vegetables to pancakes or omelette. The corrugated side is ideal for steaks and burgers.

You can combine this cooking surface with the cast iron half-moon shaped grate. Use this half-moon shaped grate instead of traditional stainless steel grate or integrate it into the multifunctional dual zone cooking system.

Heat Deflector Plate Smoking Stone

Turn your Kamado or EGG into a convection oven! No accessory will add your culinary versatility quite like the Heat Deflector. The Heat Deflector works by providing a heat barrier between your charcoal and your food, which switches the Kamado/Egg from a direct (normal grilling) cooking mode to an indirect cooking mode which accommodates baking, roasting and slow cooking.

The three-legged design of the Plate Setter stimulates heat circulation around the Kamado, just like a convection oven, without exposing food to the direct heat of the fire burning below. There are two modes Legs down with our Baking Stone (in other listing) on top for pizzas, plancha cooking, baking. Legs up with a Stainless Steel Grid on top for roasting and slow-cooking.

Kamado Cooking Expander

Stainless steel grate expander (Media) sitting directly atop the grill grate,is used to increase the area of the cooking surface.

Cast Iron Skillet/Cast Iron Pot

We coats the entire surface of the skillet with a proprietary vegetable oil formula, then bakes the oil onto the utensil in a hot industrial oven.
The high temperature allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the cast iron surface, creating that prized heirloom finish.
Durable cast iron cookware offers superior distribution and retention of heat.
Caring for your cast iron doesn’t have to be complicated. Cast Iron cookware comes already seasoned and ready to use, so you can make your family’s favorite recipes right away. You can use it on any heat source, from the stove top to the campfire (just not the microwave!). The more you use it, the better the seasoning will get.

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